Life is about finding yourself

Making a difference is my passion, and I treat each enthusiasm work like a piece of art in my life.

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Skilled and open-minded people create the platform of the present generation. It is true, but they become such by participating in various activities, by organising events, by communicating with their colleagues in different countries and by participating in trainings.
European NGOs’ reputation is expanding in Europe day by day within the responsibility of being a common European voice. This meaningful aim makes me a proud part of this valuable platform. It is indeed a big pleasure to work in volunter-based organizations which is advocating and representing the voice of all citiziens of geographical Europe. For me, a NGO is more than an organization; a team created by enthusiastic people, a key player moving medicine&medical education forward in Europe and a communication platform for all other people in the world. Enthusiasm is key word in my jobs like many other enthusiatic people who are not only my fellow in medicine, but also they are global players constantly moving toward European identity in their countries. We are aiming to be “the best” and working hard for that.
Kevin Murphy once wrote – learning that produces no change is about as useful as a parachute that doesn’t open.  I know that very well and this is why I believe it was worth it after all stress and bore I felt with my international NGOs career. I am proud that international works are a big part of my life and I am a part of international NGOs. 
Please enjoy to read my website and feel free to write me via contact page.
Suleyman Yıldız, MD


  • Pediatrician , Dicle University- December 2016
  • AMEE Ambassador of Turkey ( – January 2017-2019
  • Medical Doctor, Yeditepe University- July 2013
  • European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA)
    • Medical Education Director 2010-2011
    • Secretary General 2011-2013
    • Website:
  • Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)
  • Training Center of Excellence

    • Founder
    • Trainer
    • Supervisory Board
  • Web Designer


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